Maurya Colony, Near Biscoman Golambar(Near Kumhrar R.O.B) Patna - 800007

Student's Guidelines

  1. All children must reach the school before prayer bell. After the bell if a student comes it will be treated as late and shall be dealt with late coming rule
  2. All students must attend the school Assembly.
  3. Late comers will not be admitted in the school. In exceptional case the students should bring a note of explanation from their parents. However, acceptance of the explanation will solely depend on school management and its decision can not be challenged.
  4. Students must bring books according to the specified time-table. They must see that all books are neatly covered and labeled
  5. Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises at unusual times. In case of emergency/sickness an application should be made to the Principal seeking permission.
  6. Students/Parents should avoid offering gifts or presents to any of the staff at any time.