Maurya Colony, Near Biscoman Golambar(Near Kumhrar R.O.B) Patna - 800007


  1. No Long leave will be granted without sanction from the school in advance .
  2. In case of absence , a leave application should be send to the school .
  3. In case of leave exceeding three cays on account of sickness , the application must be acccompained by the medical certificate.
  4. In case of studebt remains absent continuously for one week without leave , his/her name will be pay full admission charges again if re-admission is allowed by the school .
  5. Application written only under the signature of the Parents/Guardian will be considered for grant of leave .


Parent should keep in touch with the teachers regarding the progress of their ward . they should make it a point to attend the parent -teacher meeting.


First - Aid facilities are available in the school to meet any emergency.